NYMC Mineral & Gem Merchandise

These diverse and attractive items are available at club meetings & events or by mail.

Colorful Note Card Sets

The New York Mineralogical Club currently offers almost 40 (!!) different sets of note cards!
Surely your favorite mineral or gems is available here.
All note card sets contain 8 different, full-color note cards printed on high-quality card stock.
Envelopes are also included making these sets a great value and great for gifts.

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Engaging CD-ROMs

The New York Mineralogical Club currently offers useful CD-ROMS in three categories:
(1) Books, containing many of our recent award-winning publications plus one of the rare classics -
The Minerals of New York City and Its Environs by James G. Manchester (1931).
(2) Several other CD-ROMS contain mineral and gem ID games, useful as an opening activity at a mineral and gem club meeting or event.
(3) And lastly, there are some "novelty" CD-ROMS with short presentations, often with music embedded in the file.

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Interesting New Books!

These three new books are highly recommended! New York Rocks & Minerals: A Field Guide to the Empire State
is a must-have and easy-to-use guide to collecting the rocks and minerals of New York.
Exotic Gems Vol. 4 clearly and thoroughly provides information about the
difficult topic of jade as well as a bonus overview of abalone pearls.
Gemstone Buying Guide, Third Edition tells you how to evaluate,
identify, select and care for colored gems.

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Useful NYMC Drawstring Backpacks

This backpack is both useful and a great value!
Sturdy nylon construction ensures that carrying minerals and other items will be a breeze.
This bag features adjustable drawstring straps and one large main compartment and is available in garnet red,
one of the "official" colors of the New York Mineralogical Club.
Do not go to a gem or mineral show without one of these nicely proportioned drawstring backpacks!
Size: 14-1/2" W x 17-1/2" H

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Sparkling Floaty Gemstone Pens

These incredibly popular pens customized by the New York Mineralogical Club
make excellent gifts for you or for loved ones, regardless of whether or not they collect minerals or gems.
Floating gemstones in the pens include colorful aventurine, amethyst, carnelian as well as many other popular gemstones.
These regularly sell out so get your order in as soon as possible!

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